Thursday, 24 July 2014

Julius Caesar 5/7/14

This is the play that first got me into Shakespeare, in particular Marc Antony's 'Friends, Romans, Countrymen' speech, which I studied for English O'level in the late '70s.  I had seen the 1953 film of the play with James Mason and Marlon Brando but had never seen it performed on stage, so was delighted when the Globe announced that it would be on in 2014.
So I got my usual groundling ticket for £5.  I also got tickets for my 14 year-old sons to come with me, and we queued up at about 1pm outside the gate to get a good spot for the performance at 2pm.
After the queue had moved inside the theatre laid on two puppeteers who acted out the events around the play, which was much appreciated free entertainment but was also very educational.  I really liked that touch.

The play itself was up to the Globe's high standards, as usual.  Caesar was cast just right- he was imposing and had just the right stage presence for someone who was going to die half way through the play.
I'm glad the scene with Cinna the poet was left in as I think it's important to get a feel for the mood of the crowd.  I didn't remember it because it was dropped form the 1953 film.
I know I am biased but I really loved this play and have bought another ticket for October.  I am finding that I get even more out of a play by going twice.

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