Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Other Globe trips 2014

A Comedy of Errors

King Lear

Antony & Cleopatra

The Last Days of Troy 28/6/14 and 18/6/14
Okay, not my favourite.  I went once on my own and then, due to a mix up with Hugh, I took George and Harry also.  Worth going to once.

Much Ado About Nothing 3/5/14
Hilarious- George an Harry really enjoyed it.

Hamlet 26/4/14 and 23/4/14
On the start of the world tour, visiting every country in the world.
I went on 23/4 as it was Shakespeare's supposed 450th birthday.  Mum took me, George and Harry to it on the Saturday.  Excellent production, as ever.  Quite a minimal cast and props/clothing.  Everything seems to be contained in some large suitcases, which were also used on the stage.  This is presumably so they can travel light.

The cast change which roles they play as they go around, apparently.

The Knight of the Burning Pestle 20/3/14
I didn't enjoy this so much as I was testing out a cheap (£10) standing ticket up at the back to the side.  The view was poor- you couldn't see the actors' faces so it was difficult to tell who was talking sometimes.  Also you could only see about 3/5 of the stage.  I would have liked to see this play from lower down to give it a proper chance.

The Merchant of Venice 8/3/14
A production for school children- I took George and Harry.  Excellent stuff, very politically incorrect.  We had tickets for the Q&A with the actors afterwards, which was very interesting also.  The bloke who played Shylock was from (I think) Azerbaijan and was Jewish himself, and his perspective on his role was enlightening.

The Duchess of Malfi 11/1/14
The Sam Wannamaker theatre opened on the Thursday, I went on the Saturday night.  Fantastic seat in the Pit, although an extra cushion would have been helpful.  Gemma Arterton brushing past me all night.  Oh dear!

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